Galaxy group

The Leo triplet is a small group of three galaxies in the constellation Leo.


recording data

object Leo Triplet
date of recoding
30 March 2017
exposure 9.2 h, Luminance: 587x30", RGB: 87x200" ISO1250
telescope Celestron RASA F2.2, TSOptics TS100Q
focal lenght 620mm, 580mm
filter Baader Luminance 2", IDAS LPS D1
cameras ZWO ASI1600mmc, Canon EOS 5Da MKII
guiding 250mm guide scope, MGEN
mount Celestron CGE pro
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the M66 Group

This popular group is known as Leo Triplet. It is a collection of three magnificent galaxies in one field of view. The galaxies can be introduced individually as NGC 3628 (right), M66 (bottom left) and M65 (top left). All three are large spiral galaxies. They look very different, because their galactic disks are inclined in different angles to our line of sight. NGC 3628 is on the side, covered with dust trajectories running across the plane of the galaxy, while the disks of M66 and M65 are both inclined enough to show their spiral structure. Gravitational interactions between the galaxies of the group have also left treacherous signs, including the distorted and inflated disk of NGC 3628 and the extended spiral arms of M66. The whole field of view extends over one degree (two full moons) in the sky. The field covers more than 500,000 light-years at a distance of about 30 million light-years.

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