Soul Nebula

The Soul Nebula is an emission nebula in the constellation of Cassiopeia and the direct neighbour of the Heart Nebula.


recording data

object SH2-199
date of recording
January 28, 2017
exposure 4.5 h, RGB: 90x180"
telescope Celestron RASA F2.2
focal lenght 620mm
filter IDAS LPS D1
camera Canon 5Da MKII
guiding 250mm guide scope, MGEN
mount Celestron CGE pro
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Heart and Soul

The Soul Nebula is a moderately bright emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. Together with the Heart Nebula (IC 1805) it forms a famous duo known as Heart and Soul. The Soul Nebula is sometimes also called the Embryo Nebula or IC 1848, the latter is actually the name for the open star cluster embedded in the nebula, but is sometimes used for the whole nebula.


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The Soul Nebula is about 100 light years long and has an estimated age of 1 million years. It contains several small open star clusters. Small emission nebulae IC 1871, 670 and 669 are located directly next to the Soul Nebula.

The shape of the Soul Nebula is formed by the stellar winds of the large and hot stars embedded in it, a process that leaves columns of material facing inwards, which can be easily seen in the image. At the top of these columns new stars are created by condensing material. Each of these columns has a length of about 10 light years.


The Heart and Soul Nebula Complex is a huge star formation region and extends over an area of about 300 light years. The two large clouds are only 2.5 degrees apart and physically connected by a gas bridge. The individual emission nebulae, dust and gas clouds of the region are illuminated by the light of the young stars. The stars in the area are only a few million years old and are only at the beginning of their lives. For comparison: Our sun has existed for almost 5 billion years.

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